Alone and Awesome

Being single, silly, and secure

What I Believe

Once in a blue moon, things work out well.
Not in a million years will someone live a care-free life.
Worries come, but they also go.
Misery loves company.

Nothing lasts forever.

I rolled into this post with no clue where it would go.

There has been pain all around. Death, destruction, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes—and all we think is that the world is going to end. No one, not even God’s angels, know when the end will come, but I agree the signs seem clear.

However, even back when Paul the Apostle was ministering, they believed the end was near also. They saw signs too. We always see signs, but there will be no real signs when He comes back. Remember, he will come “Like a thief in the night,” and we will never see Him coming until He’s here.

To me, the “signs” we see are a reminder of how we are supposed to live, and what we are living for. I believe that since the end is “predictable” right now means it’s not yet coming. But this is the wrong way to look at it.

If you recall your Bible stories, we are to live each day as if the end is coming. We know we could die at any time, or God could return for us at any moment— we should live our lives accordingly.

The end could come at anytime, and sometimes I hope it isn’t soon, since there is still so much I want to do, but, once again, this is also a wrong way of thinking.

When the end comes and I see Jesus returning for us, I will be horrified, but also filled with such awe that nothing I could ever accomplish on Earth will matter anymore. And then the earth will be remade.

From there, I cannot say. I don’t enjoy sitting and discussing what Heaven will be like. I studied the book of Revelation in the Bible for an entire year to try and understand what the end will be like, but it is still such a blur to me.

I know I haven’t been living the best life I could. None of us really can, since we are, by nature, sinful beings, thus in need of Jesus’s perfect sacrifice to cleans us, (for sin can only be covered by the shedding of blood).

I am relieved we no longer need to slaughter animals to cleans ourselves. I’d be too squeamish for that…

So, since the end is always near—a breath away, or so to speak—are we doing our best…?

If you’re like me, your stomach tightened when I said that, and now you want to quit reading this post.

We’re all convicted, because we don’t always to our best. It’s not in our nature to be perfect as God is perfect. We will never reach that height until God calls us home and we receive a new name, and a new life with Him.

I know, I know, this post could bring a lot of debate and ridicule, but it has spilled through my fingers for a reason.

I just wanted to bring back into perspective that the end is ALWAYS a minute away from us.

Our next breath, our next thought, out next words, could easily be the last.

These are the facts.

Live each day as if God is going to return in the next moment.

It’s hard, and I struggle more than I want to admit. But nothing is impossible.

We are family, and when times get hard we should lean on one another for help. This world is heavy, we can hardly find help—even within some of the churches out there. Keep fighting, and never give up. Remember that we can’t do it alone. We need fellowship with other like-minded people.

Even God Himself is three in One, (Father, Son, and Hold Spirit).

And don’t forget this— The Battle is Already Won.

Have a good weekend, my friends.


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