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Good Musical Morning, my words-to-art loving peoples!

Why a musical morning? Well, simply because I woke up at 6:30, turned on my music, and it has not been turned off since! So I’ve had music surrounding me All Morning. Thus, it has been a musical morning.

That aside, I hope life is treating you fellow peoples well. I only just now put my glasses on, so I can Finally see what I’m writing. Yay!

Let the real post begin!


The photo above is from my mini vacation that I took last weekend. I only now put the pictures onto my computer so I can share them.


This is a staircase from the patio that led into the lake. I sat on the top steps for a while, watching boats and such crossing back and forth on the glittering waves. The water felt nice on my warm toes. I spend most of my trip sitting outside the nearby lighthouse, (Marblehead Lighthouse, in case you were wondering).

I know it’s a little unusual for me to add media into my posts, and I hope you don’t mind. I was planning on showing you guys a couple of pictures and explain how my “adventure” turned out to be no more adventurous than a walk around the block here at home.

It was a little disappointing. I expected to feel some kind of thrill at the aspect of running off on my own to stay in a strange place and explore the area alone. Have I already discussed this with you? If not, I’m sure some new readers would like to hear about it.


From my room was this window where you could clearly see Cedar Point, (theme parks such as those aren’t my thing. However, watching the lights and the rides from my window at night was enjoyable).

I did enjoy my vacation, but it felt too natural to be sitting on the patio alone, and staying at the bed&breakfast alone, (Marblehead Lite Bed&Breakfast is where I stayed, fyi. The elderly couple that own it are pleasant and enjoy meeting new people. They know a lot about the area’s history and are more than willing to talk about it). So I spent a lot of time taking walks to the lighthouse, to the small village further up the street, and I even strolled around the graveyard, admiring how well-kept it was. It was peaceful and quiet, and I felt safe—though this is mostly because whenever someone approached up ahead of me I examined them and determined weak spots on them and also best escape routes before they got near me, (This is because of my training as a martial artist, and the knowledge that vigilance is your best defense when wandering alone. I take my safety seriously, in case you haven’t noticed).

20170630_144840.jpg(View from on top Marblehead Lighthouse).

I did a lot of exploring and enjoyed my 20 minutes to stand on the lighthouse and gaze at the lake and the treetops. You can see in the clouds that a storm was rolling in, but I had my umbrella and foolishly thought I’d be okay. After this view, I went for a walk and only made it to the graveyard before the storm hit.

It was a nice drizzle at first, and I should have turned back then, but I kept going. That was a dumb idea, just so you know.

I was stuck in the middle of a lovely thunderstorm, (It would have been “Lovely” if I had been on the enclosed porch with a cup of coffee and a blanket around my shoulders!). I had to laugh as the wind tried to take my umbrella, the thick drops of water drenched me until my jeans clung to my legs and my shoes were thoroughly soaked. I could have told people I waded waist-deep into the lake and they’d believe me without question!

When I finally returned to the bed&breakfast, (it felt like hours in the thunderstorm), I kept apologizing for being soaked and wandering onto their carpet as such a mess. I removed my shoes and socks before I even passed into the house, and then rolled up my jeans and squeezed out what water I could. The Owners were so kind that the Lady of the House actually asked to wash my soaked clothes for me. She even dried my shoes too. I found her kindness incredible, but I also wondered if they had “adopted” me, since I was a young lady traveling alone. I appreciated it.

For my first time traveling I learned a lot. Like, bring one more outfit than you think you’ll need, and a change of shoes if you enjoy walking in storms, like I apparently do!


The next day was much nicer. There was blue sky, a lovely breeze, and the waves were calmer. In the very early morning around 6:30, (this is around 10:00), the waves almost looked like glass they were so calm. I went to marblehead again to sit and write, (I wrote almost my whole “adventure” in my journal, which I did not leave the bed&breakfast without. Thankfully, I did not take it with me on day one or it would have been ruined by the rain).

It was a nice day and I even went out to an outside restaurant with the Owners and met some of their friends and handed out many of my business cards, (You know, Snow Dragon Publishing). All together, it was a wonderful day.

The next day I drank coffee and watched the waves before breakfast, then headed out as fast as I could.

There were a few reasons for this. The topic during breakfast was death. This was because the Man of the House had received a call that his older brother was not doing well. So they and the other couple were discussing deaths and disasters in their family and I just sat there, wanting to block it out. I knew it was just a bad morning for me to have been there—it wasn’t like the next group to stay there would have to deal with this topic in the morning.

I was, more or less, running away. I packed up, threw my stuff in the car, said my good-byes, and was off. I told them I had a lot to do, which I did, but still…

I did enjoy my time. That last hour was hard to handle, but I managed and made it home safely where I finished my chores and prepared for the next work week. I did take time to sit and contemplate all I had learned. Mostly I learned that I find travel to be a pleasant, but not yet adventurous, way to spend my time.

Maybe next time I’ll do more, see more, and have a jubilant time.


Well, that’s my story.

I’m going to go and read now. After all, reading is still the greatest and most cost-efficient way to go on an adventure!

Take care, my dear peoples. And have a wonderful weekend!


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