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Art of Art

Good day, my lovely peoples!

Lately I have enjoyed painting on my desktop easel with water color and acrylic paints. Most recent discovery is that they aren’t easy to mix, since both react differently to water. The picture below was the first successful piece of art where I could mix acrylic and water color.

It’s called “Breath of Earth and Sky.”17015899_2012644572296413_1001825812805131155_o
Breath of Earth and Sky – 3/5/2017

Named for obvious reasons. yes. At first she was supposed to be the wind, but then the picture was too flat, so since my sister kept calling her “Mother Nature” I added the green and leaves to give her new life. I still think it’s lacking something, but at the same time I can’t do more.

Anyway, I’m curious—What is your art form?

Writing is art. Did you know that? Painting, drawing, coloring; all those things are clearly art, but what is your art form?

I’m asking because I believe everyone is artistic. You’re artistic in ways I’m not. Do you like to build things? That’s art. Do you like to take things apart? That’s also art. What about wiring stuff? Mechanics? Working on cars or phones. It’s all a form of art. Designing clothes and arranging rooms. Everything is art!

Our world is created by artists. Houses and roads took creativity to make. Stores and how they are laid out inside are also forms of art.

Have you ever stopped to think about it?

Isn’t it odd?

Everything we do is art. Cooking, cleaning, dusting, working—everything has it’s own curve and artistic edge.

Shooting guns, kick boxing, knitting, driving.

Can you think of something that isn’t somehow based on a form of art? If art is creativity, then how can we say something isn’t art?

These are the things I think about when I lay awake in bed wanting to sleep but not being able to….


Above is a piece I started today when I returned home from church. It is part of the sanctuary wall, but the picture itself is lacking. I had an idea of what I could paint, but I lost the idea somewhere between the church parking lot and my garage….

So I’m at a loss. I sit and stare at this piece and rub my chin as I contemplate what to do with it.

Perhaps age it by 50+ years…

I think I’ll do that….

Anyway, I was just posting to thank you for following and reading my ramblings. I appreciate you and your presence on my blog!

Now tell me, what’s your art?



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