Alone and Awesome

Being single, silly, and secure

Singles Awareness Month?

❤ Good day, my word reading peoples! ❤

So much! So much is happening all around me! I have finished many chores since today was ENTIRELY free, (and I didn’t feel like going out for any reason whatsoever…). Being an introvert has it’s ups and downs, but I’m finding balance lately, which is a relief. I also recently had a load of money dumped in my mouth—also known as getting braces. I’ve had fangs all my life and God granted me means to get them fixed. It’ll be two years, but I’m excited—at least now that the bloody awful pain has died down and eating is easier!

Please note: I love food and so staring at pizza adds on the junk mail is not fun like it used to be…

*clears throat*

So! It’s February! It’s probably a dumb question, but what does everyone associate this month with?

❤ Valentines Day! ❤

(Please note all the hearts I am filling my post with ❤ ).

Now, I have been single a long time, (and plan on remaining that way for quite a while ❤ ), but that doesn’t mean I’ll ignore the people that want to have a special someone. Obviously, if I’m asked out, I’ll refuse because I don’t play games with my heart or the hearts of others, but that isn’t what I mean and that was actually way off point. Sorry.

Around this time we’re bombarded with commercials, adds, and talk about how great it is to celebrate having a special someone in your life. Oh, how WONDERFUL it is to have someone who loves you with all their heart! ❤ ❤ ❤

(Me in the background: gagging).

Hahahah, I’m just kidding around. Personally I love being single! But I do enjoy watching other people learn and grow in their relationships—mainly my little sister and her boyfriend. There’s a lot you can learn about how we repeat mistakes without realizing it. There are always going to be those tiny things in your friendships and romances that cause you frustration.

There will always be things you need to work on and things that irk you about your significant other. It is hard work, and it will always be hard work because sharing life with another human is no easy task. It’s all about trusting your partner, caring for them, and learning to find balance in your differences.

I can only talk about what I’ve come to notice since I have no experience in these matters, so don’t take my word for gospel.

It seems to me that all relationships are going to be a pain in the butt, and the ones that are easy never last. I see relationships blossom and die all over the place—with how many people I work with in the factory it isn’t too surprising. There are all kinds of people in this world. The most common are those who date on and off like it’s a hobby, and then those who will date less often and hope they’ve found “The One” when they do date—but then they get disappointed when it goes wrong.

There’s also the third category, where I sit—Alone and Awesome! But this isn’t about me. It’s about you. Those who are alone and don’t feel very awesome…

Dear Singles across the world,
I am writing to you to tell you not to let this time of season upset you.
You are incredible as you are and worthy of a great love.
My advice to you is this—
Work on yourself as you wait.
Don’t lose hope and let your life waste away.
Even while you’re alone, your life is a gift.
Take care of it.
Love it.
Care for yourself.
Jealousy is a painful fire, so avoid it at all costs.
Envy is the same—try to find peace instead.
There will always be people who rub their joy in our faces
Keep on being you and your life will be as it should be.
Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not,
If you do you’ll have to keep it up for the rest of your life.
Be real. Be kind. Be you.
I’m there with you, my friends.
Maybe someday I’ll be searching also,
But for now I am standing alone,
But as I live I am working on who I am,
So that when I meet my “Special Someone,” I will be better than he imagined.
That is my goal.
You’re important,
Whether or not you have a boyfriend, (or girlfriend).
Don’t forget about you.
You are yours.

That is my advice to you.

Take it or leave it.

Have a great week!

❤ E.L.M. ❤


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