Alone and Awesome

Being single, silly, and secure

Praying for…

Good day, my peoples!

You: Oh my gosh! Two blog posts within one month? Am I dreaming???
Me: Why, no! I am merely full of words and desire to spew them on a blog page since these words are non-fiction and thus would make a very short and uninteresting novel.

That’s why I blog…


A lot has been happening as of late, hasn’t it? Our new president was sworn into office, people in my life are making changes, and a friend just received his black belt, (earlier today, actually). There’s a lot more, but that’s all I feel like saying.

You know, it’s easy to look around at people and point out flaws of one side, and then the good of the other side. Like during the election I was thrown back and forth while I learned the pros and cons of both candidates. In the end I sat and wondered who would be the best choice, but all around me people had firmly decided who they preferred and who was best. The election is over, so it no longer matters, and I don’t in general discuss politics because it always gets ugly, but I felt it was the best way to set up my thought process.

We decide who we like, and who we don’t. We take the good we learned of someone, and weigh it against the bad in another person. It’s unfair, don’t you think? Yes, this person on my left did some bad things, and the person on my right did some good things. However, you can’t ignore the good the person on my left did, nor the bad that the person on my right did.

A leader must chose the lesser of two evils, I know. But nowadays we’re so judgmental, and I’m entirely guilty of this! I will admit there are people at work I actively avoided because of things I had heard about them. One freaked me out, another made me uncomfortable, and one was annoying as heck. However, I saw them in these ways because of what other people had told me about them, or because of my own theories of what they were like.

Yes, one really is annoying, but she’s nice. Yes, one does make me uncomfortable, but he’s practically bullied by the whole factory yet doesn’t complain. And the other one freaked me out because of rude comments, but I know he’s a nice person, he’s just a very, VERY different person than what I am used to.

I talked to them. I helped them. I lowered my guarded wall a little and let myself be vulnerable so I could take a few minutes to get to know them. Do you know what happened?

I didn’t dislike them.
I don’t dislike them.
I’m okay with them.

What brought this about? I wondered why I let lies, stories, and gossip decide how I viewed these people. I want to be a good person—an admirable person. I can’t be fully good, but I want to be someone people could look up to one day. Someone people would be willing to follow. I want to be wise, and that is something I’ve always prayed for.

Which brings us to the topic title.

Praying for… what? What are you praying for?

Ever since I was a little girl I prayed for wisdom. I would read through Proverbs and Ecclesiastics as if they were the only books in the world because I loved how wise the writers were. I also love to sit and listen to older and wiser people talk. I rarely interrupt their conversations merely because I love to learn from them. I wish I could record their words and play them back whenever I want to recall their wisdom, but that’s not how it works.

I realize I will remember what I want to remember. I will learn what I want to learn—and whatever it is that I want to learn, I will learn well. I’m a competitive person, you see. If someone else is trying to learn the same thing as I, I’ll do everything in my power to stay just one step ahead, even if it kills me. I’ve been doing that a lot at work and last week I realized it is needless stress.

With wisdom, I calm my mind and heart and merely do my job as well as I can. I don’t think of who is doing more, or who is getting more praise from the boss. I merely focus on what I am doing, how I respond to issues, how I interact with people, and how well I do what must be done.

Since I’ve started doing this my work life has begun to relax. I’m still working hard, but my smile has returned and I can speak to the people I used to avoid, because I’m not doing this job for me. I’m where I’m at because God put me there, and I am being an example for Him in a dark and dreary place.

I still pray for wisdom. I will always pray for wisdom…

I want to live a happy life, and to be able to enrich other lives somehow. Smiling at work, teaching in class, and living an open and honest life wherever I go—those are some small ways I can help others. Kindness has been swept under the rug.

We “lose faith in humanity” because of hypocrisy, liars, extremists, and pure uncontrolled hatred. No one looks for the light anymore because we’re so focused on the bad.

The media reports the bad to keep viewers and to spread worry and fear. Where is the truth lately? Where is the good of this world? It makes small appearances, but we still can hardly find it beneath the weight of our troubles. We’re all drowning beneath this worry, this fear, this hate, this pure uncontrollable war that has no point. We all see it. We’re all affected.

So it is dire that we have kindness.

Even if I am the last kind person on this earth, I will keep on going. I pray for wisdom, for strength, and for knowledge of the things I encounter.

I am blessed that the Creator of the Universe is walking with me, and ahead of me, and also following behind. I am protected on all sides so I had no reason to fear. I especially have no reason not to be kind.

Recently I read this quote: “You have to try anything. No matter what you do, you’ll end up bones and ashes when you die.” – Sakamoto Ryoma

Though I may never go sky-diving or anything crazy like that, I find I have no excuse not to be kind to the people I meet. I admire my Sensei who makes eye contact with strangers and will greet them pleasantly without fear or intimidation.

Kindness is never a mistake.
It may not be appreciated, but don’t let that upset you.
It may have been more appreciated than you know.
You never know how someone truly reacts.

I have gone through a lot in my short life. I’m pleased to say I am not who I was last year. I hope this time next year I will be more wise and understanding of people, and more knowledgeable of the world I live in.

Wish me luck, my friends. And please, find your happiness. Joy and peace are important to your health.

Relax and live well.

I believe in you.



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