Alone and Awesome

Being single, silly, and secure

If wishes were fishes…

Good early morning, my peoples! (Or evening, afternoon, or whenever you’re reading this).

Do you ever come up with an awesome idea of something you want to do? You get all excited like, “Ohmigosh! So brilliant! I’m going to do that and it’s going to be incredible!”

Well, I do that a lot. I think coming up with things I want to do is more of a hobby for me than writing, reading, and drawing. Just in this past week I’ve discovered three more things I want to learn to do.

I have this predicament where I absolutely LOVE to learn new things. When I get a chance to learn something new I get so nervous I could faint, but as I start to learn the excitement fills me so much I can hardly focus. One extreme to the next, right??? Well, what are we supposed to do when we come up with these great ideas?

My normal response is to turn to my little sister and say, “I’m going to do this now.”
Then she looks back and says, “Sure.”
That’a a common conversation between us actually.

My family’s response when I tell them that I’ve added something ELSE to my already over-flowing plate is, “And when exactly do you plan to sleep?”

Hah… I’m working a full-time job after all. They’re right, I want to do everything and I attempt as many things as I can. Some stick, others fade as if they had never been started. What has stuck with me so far is Martial Arts, Writing, and Art.

However, I can’t tell you not to try. If there is something that sets a fire in your belly or entices you to want to reach farther than normal life, then pursue it at least once. I have a personal vendetta against regret. I don’t like it. If I don’t try something then I may find myself sitting somewhere thinking, “If only I had done that,” and sighing. So, with new things I like to make an attempt. When I don’t I am ALWAYS grim with regret later on.

Strangely enough, this hasn’t yet happened with my relationships. Just to throw this out, since I am AAA, (Alone And Awesome), and enjoy speaking of how you can survive on your own, I may as well touch on this topic as well.

When I fall for someone I never pursue my feelings for them. I sit and I watch them to find out what caught my interest and study what they’re like. As soon as I think someone is good-looking I become extremely wary of them. There is no greater weakness for a woman than a handsome face. But every face hides a secret, and I don’t want to be caught up in some dramatic chaos that will make my life miserable.

Learning new things does not come with drama.

Letting poisonous people into your life because, “They’re cute and they like me,” can ruin other friendships, your health, and your self-respect. People are the greatest danger in this world, at least in my opinion. Disagree if you’d like, but what causes 90%–100% of our problems?


So, when I want to learn something new, the only down-side I see if the possibility that I may have to mingle with people, (Please note, I am an introvert who tries to mingle with people, but is still overly aware of the danger every smiling face conceals). Not everyone will agree with me, we’re all different like that, but you can’t say there aren’t people that make you uneasy, or that you keep a sharp eye on just in case.

The human race is a suspicious group. Yet we’re stuck with them from birth.

I do my best to mingle with them, and I must say I’ve acquired a handful of friends I do, to an extent, trust.

Maybe my lack of trust will be my downfall some day. Maybe I’ll be suspicious of the wrong person at the wrong time. Or maybe not? Hard saying not knowing, ya’ know?

So, if wishes were fishes, we’d feast every day.



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