Alone and Awesome

Being single, silly, and secure


Good day, my awesome peoples! Today was great, but tomorrow is better.

Tomorrow is so freaking awesome!

Tomorrow is what I LIVE FOR!!!


Note: If you’re not a writer you probably won’t care for what I’m about to say.


It begins at midnight and I am excited to the point of making so much coffee I’ll be up for three days!

… er…

Maybe not that extreme, but I’m sure you understand.


I believe I already described what NaNoWriMo is in my last post.If you missed it, or are too lazy to go back and find the post, then let me recap.

National Novel Writing Month, (aka, NaNoWriMo), is a month where authors across the world struggle to write 50,000 words within 30 days. Beginning at midnight of the 1st, and ending on midnight of the 30th.

Lots of coffee is drank.


I did not partake last year since I was so busy, but this year I am participating. I am constantly hoping to beat my personal record, (80,000 words), but that was back before I worked full-time. Chances are low, but I will still try. My story is exciting and I am hoping it will become one I can be proud of coffee.

Commonly I write adventure and action coffee. Where in this story has action, it will be more of a “slice of life” type story coffee. Not really my cup of tea, (or coffee), but I am sure I will be able to keep to the story plot without throwing in magic and strange creatures, as if my weird habit…


We should call it NaCoDriMo. National Coffee Drinking Month.


I’ll celebrate NaNoWriMo with NaCoDriMo!


Okay, I’ll go now. I will probably be absent this coffee month. If I am not then it means the story coffee is not going well, (or is going so well I can hardly contain my excitement coffee). So coffee I’ll be in touch after November coffee.





  1. Whatever happens, I’m getting the distinct feeling it won’t be boring. (Good luck!)


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