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Black Coffee, Green Tea

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening my peoples! Not sure when it is when you read this, so I wanted to cover my bases.

As of a few months ago I became obsessed with coffee. I drink it every morning to make sure I’m awake enough to make it to work, but I drink it for almost every meal on weekends, (if I have it any other time besides the morning then I cannot sleep. Caffeine and I are pretty good pals and wanna stay up all night chatting, see?) Anyway, I commonly drink my coffee with so much creamer it’s practically white. Some people also like it this way, but others think it’s nasty and ruins the coffee.

Oh, come on! Coffee loves us all. It just wants to be loved in return! It doesn’t care how we love it because it comes in so many forms for a reason; so EVERYONE can love it!

Yay coffee!

Now, the other matter is tea…

I drink my tea plain. Plain as plain. No sugar, no milk, no honey; this is how I enjoy my tea. The way I brew my perfect cup of tea, (using green tea as the example since it’s pretty darn good and tastes like memories), after adding the hot water to the glass and tea bag I let it steep anywhere between 3-4 minutes. Then remove the tea bag.

That’s it. I drink it like that. Now all of you know how to make tea for me!

Yay tea!

There’s another reason I’m speaking of all this…


Now, many of us are familiar with this yearly event. The anguish, the hair pulling, the teeth clenching, and the brainstorming. Yes, for us writers, NaNoWriMo is normally the greatest time of the year. We strive to write 50,000 words in November, (beginning at midnight on the 1st all the way to midnight on the 31st).

Those who understand how tea and coffee mix with NaNoWriMo are the writers. Those who see no connection are the ones that don’t personally know a writer. I don’t know a single writer who doesn’t enjoy either tea or coffee as they write. Some even like hot chocolate and, let’s face it, with November being one of the colder months, some of us will have this with our tea and coffee.

We are a strange group, my writer friends! Our different ways of brainstorming. Our odd habits when we can’t think of what to write next. Also the times we stare at the page, (or monitor) in confounded silence.

Yes… be proud of your quirky writing rituals, my friends!

Last year I was so busy, so frustrated, and having such a hard time evening putting my pen to paper that I sat out of NaNoWriMo. This was more of a pain than I expected… Watching my sister and mother write and compete. I am, by nature, a competitive person, so watching them battle it out when I had chosen to sit out was the most difficult thing to do.


No, I will not sit idly by and watch their battle! I will fight with them and strive to not only hit 50,000 but to break my own record, which was 80,000 words!!!

So, if you want to participate, follow this link to their official website


Hope you’ll enter. It’s a fun challenge.

I need to go now. Yoga is calling!



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