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I call us “Fantasy Chasers”

Hello and good evening, my peoples.

I’m in a rather mellowed out mood today. Been on vacation and now I am coming down off the high of it all, (please note, ocean water burns the eyes if you’re not used to it!). It was a great vacation and all I wish was that I had bought that one stuffed animal I had kept picking up, hugging, and setting back down, (I sometimes have a soft spot for really squishy and soft stuffed animals, this one was exceptionally cute to me since it was a kitty, but I digress).

Mellowed out as I am, my mind continues to travel as all ours do. Reading helps keep our minds distracted and so I have been reading, which means I will hopefully be able to do more writing. Hit a bit of a wall and so I haven’t written since before I left for vacation. Sad, isn’t it? I went on vacation hoping to spur on some inspiration and creativity, but it appears it did more to destroy my fantasy mind and settle me down in reality-





What I’d like to discuss today is a rather… uh… sensitive subject…? Or perhaps one would say it is dangerous… Either way, unsuspecting peoples that read the post below could easily tag me as a lunatic for what I will be speaking about. People who have never attempted to bend reality probably will not like reading this. My hope is that the few people of a similar mind set will comprehend the meaning of this post and not title me as “crazy”, but “imaginative”.
I wrote the post before adding this small introduction because I need you, the reader, to understand I am a person of sound mind, (Or should I say “as sound of mind as a fantasy writer can be”?). I am not trying to lead us down a path of nightmares, witchcraft, or communication with demons. Those who know me understand I am a loyal follower of Jesus Christ, but friends and family are the ones which worry most if they think their loved one is losing his or her marbles.

Please rest assured
I am not crazy. I am merely opening up my world.

Without further ado, I will continue the post. Thank you for your patience.


Now, I know we all live in the Real World. I take my life seriously and work hard to support myself and live a moderately comfortable life, but I can’t stand keeping myself on logical ground for too long. One needs only to look around and find that there is more to our world then clocking in at work, clocking out after work, going home, doing chores, and then going to bed. This is how the real world turns, right?

So how many of you cannot see it? The mystery in the evenings, the secrets under each stone, the surprises hidden in our back yards. I wonder how people can shut their eyes and chose to ignore these things and treat them each as if they are exactly as they appear? Is it fear that causes it? Or were they raised in a way that made them think fairy tales were foolish and dreams were a waste of brain power? I think there is fantasy around us. The incredible and unbelievable happens everywhere.

As a side note to my fellow Christians: Yes, I am referring to God’s miracles and signs since they are the greatest mystery of this world. However, I am also talking about the secrets God worked into this magnificent world. Like the creatures of the ocean we discover, strange happenings of the mysterious sort, or stranger creatures in deep woods we have not discovered. This is where my wondering thoughts are directed. Don’t. Freak. Out.
… yet.

Now, back on topic, I’m not saying you need to believe vampires are real, or that there are ghosts in my basement, but why dismiss it entirely? Why not depict how your life would be if such things were really there?

Are you wondering about it? If not you should. Just take a minute and pretend there’s a pixie perched on your head. A cute pixie with blue skin, dragonfly wings, and a curious expression as it reads with you it’s very description.

Oh look, it’s surprised!

Can you see it?

Good. Because you see that is how a fantasy writer thinks.

This world has rumors and stories all over the place. Reading folklore from all lands and nations is enjoyable. There are stories of light/good fiction, and dark/evil fiction. Most stories shut out the light and close in on the darker mysteries and creatures. This is why so many of us believe in ghosts, spirits, and monsters hiding in our closets, (as a side note, I hate waking up in the morning and staring at my open closet door with a sick sensation because I remembered shutting it before bed and then wonder if I am going crazy). When reading these stories I tend to wonder if any of it is true. I’m a fiction/fantasy writer, of course I naturally blend my reality with fantasy in my free time.

To some people this may create an uneasy feeling. To others it may make you nod and say, “yep.” I don’t go around reading “evil” books or watching frightening horror movies; a friend of mine is fond of saying “If you play with evil, evil will play with you,” and I believe this is true. I anoint my homes when I move in to ward off evil. I do not permit demons inside a house where one of God’s children lives. They cannot mix and I make sure they do not. Out of all the things in this world I know there are demons and fallen angels around us. This is why I find it completely possible that there may be even more mysterious creatures.Yet we look away and ignore the shadows from the corners of our eyes, saying it was nothing.

Don’t freak out. There are angels and good things in this world. Not everything is evil.

So tell me… How boring is this reality if we dismiss these fascinating imaginings? Children run around playing imaginary games because they see the world as an open book. When my baby sister was not yet one-year-old she stared at the ceiling and smiled; when she did this my mother would say, “She’s seeing angels.”

I can blame my mother and siblings for why I have such a fantasy-focused mind.

Call me strange, but I personally like to believe the trees have voices. When  I see a tree with personality I’ll speak to it, complementing it and patting it kindly. I’ll ask its permission before climbing it and apologize for breaking twigs. I am odd, but I embrace that.

I also like listening to the wind and letting it pass through my fingers as if it were some wispy creature stroking its head the way an affectionate cat would when you aren’t looking at it. These are two things I have done since I was a child.

Is this wrong? Is it strange?

To me, no. To you, maybe. But not to me. No. Not at all.

People like me who live in the real world and also take time for fantasy are my favorite kind of people. Those who think “what if…” when they see a shadow shift are my kin.

What brought this post about in the first place you ask? I was thinking about it recently because I have a friend who is this same way. I decided that people like us needed a title. Calling us “dreamers” is just lame.

The blue pixie on your head should be nodding in agreement.

No, my friends. I say no! We are not dreamers. We are Fantasy Chasers! Those who are willing to acknowledge the mystery of this world instead of pretending it does not exist. We do not fear the strange but rather we embrace it, knowing it could be nothing, but it could also be something. We are writers, adventurers, artists, and creators, and we refuse to think this world is as it appears.

Now I want to clarify that the people who go WAY over the top and freak others out by their… um… passion for the paranormal and unusual are not Fantasy Chasers. They can name themselves because any name I give them may come across as an insult since I do  not know one of them personally. But they are the people who completely ignore the real world and live in a realm of their own design. Those who dwell in basements and attics and do not live a “Real World” life. We don’t often see them, for they cover themselves in blankets and hang garlic around their bed with salt around their doors and windows to ward off monsters.

I’m not saying they’re evil or something! Quite the contrary, my friend; since they are probably some of the most interesting people we could happen to meet, but the real world is here and we can’t live our whole life in fantasy. Take it from someone who sat up late at night waiting for a portal to open in her closet so she could dive into a different world, but still have time to return before my parents woke up, (anyone else do this? I’m sure it is no longer a question to you as to why I became a fantasy writer).

My main point in all this is that we’re pressured to think like the logical leaders of society and deprive our fantastical fictional sides of the time it deserves. It is a huge part of what make us unique. There’s nothing wrong with being a weird’o. I’ve come to find the odd misfits are the greatest friends to have. They are the deepest thinkers, the greatest story tellers, and the most open people I’ve met. There is no hiding who they are, because they know and love who they are; weirdness and all.

Whoever you are and whatever you think of this post, just keep being you. I’m not telling you you’re wrong, but I do want you to be who you are. Don’t pressure yourself to live a life you hate. We have one life. We need to love it and also love ourselves. As for me:

I am a Fantasy Chaser.
I dwell in more worlds than one,
I’ve lived over a hundred lives,
And died a thousand deaths.
I am the hero, the phantom, and the sprite;
My story is greater than it seems.
Don’t try to convince me otherwise,
Since I’ve chosen my lot.
For fantasy is my life
In two world I remain caught.

I’d rather we not argue this topic like bickering children. As said at the beginning of the creation of AAA blog; if you yell at me, I’ll yell right back. Maybe. If you are feeling particularly opinionated then go ahead and comment. If you’re a Fantasy Chaser, let me know.

If you think I’m the Spawn of Satan for being both Christian and Fantasy Chaser then read Numbers 22:21-39, 1 Samuel 28:3-25, and Acts 8:34-40.

Boom. Biblical mystery, magic, and wonder at it’s finest right there.

My neck is aching now so I am going to end here. Hope you enjoyed this. Don’t forget there’s a pixie on your head. It won’t like being ignored.

Until next time, my peoples! Have a good week.




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