Alone and Awesome

Being single, silly, and secure

3 Pennies

Greetings once again, fellow eyeball abusers!

There is a moment that I experienced recently that I thought could use some light.

You: Wait, she’s going straight to the point?? That’s not good.
Me: I can hear you.

Okay! So, I’ll roll on back to the beginning. Please note, the beginning is rather hazy. The reason for this is because it took a long time. You see, up until two months ago there were three pennies I kept in the pocket of my green work jacket. These three pennies were special to me because they were pennies I found at work. Each one that I found was not just “find a penny, pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck!” It was more just a fun time. I had two lucky pennies, and one bad penny that I tried to get rid of, but kept coming back to me.

You see, it took a long time to collect these pennies. I grew used to them. I’d clack them together when I walked. I would clench them in my fist while I was nervous. I even took them out and examined them when I was bored. They were great! I treasured these pennies. Each one I had found while chatting with a friend. One was in a trash can. Another was beneath a shelf, and the bad penny was sitting on a cart waiting for me. Each one I found I offered to someone, but none wanted them, so I kept them and loved them as my own.

But then they were gone.

Just like that.

No, “clang” “clackle” “clackle” of pennies falling from my pocket. No, “Oops! I dropped the pennies.” No… they were gone. I would almost go so far as to say someone stole them, but I do not feel as if that is the case. Misplaced, perhaps? Though I never took them out of my pocket so that’s practically impossible.

Nope, my pennies were gone. I was troubled by this. The pocket felt empty. It just wasn’t the same. Walking to and from break without my pennies that made me smile so calmly as if they were somehow whispering to me how much they appreciated me…

Am I creeping you out?

Then I’ll continue.

I became accustom to the lack of pennies. Life went on and I walked to and from break as if all was well. One day I forgot to bring a lunch so I had to use the vending machine. I used a dollar to get a packet of Oreos for 80 cents. Thus, I received 10 cents back.


So I enjoyed my Oreos and then headed back to work. At first I did not realize what was going on, but then I clicked together the two shiny new dimes that were resting in my lonely pocket.

I stopped.

Quickly, I removed them from my pocket and looked at them. Two dimes. 20 cents.

Perhaps it is just my imagination, but maybe there is a lesson here that I have not been willing to learn…?

Sometimes we have one thing that we love. We take care of it, and we nurture it, but it’s not very much, yet we cling to it. And then, when it’s gone, we feel lost. However, God always fills those voids in our lives. Often times we need to let go of what little we have, so that God can give you more.

I had three pennies. Now, in the absence of my pennies, I gained two dimes.

Yes, circumstances being as they are, there is nothing wonderful about how I lost three pennies, or about how I gained two dimes. But it made me think…

We need to let go sometimes so we can be given more than we had.

Those of you who are believers in Christ Jesus should understand the saying, “The first will be last, and the last shall be first,” yes? Things in the Kingdom of God commonly don’t make sense to us. Everything is practically flip-flopped. So, when we let go of a little, (ie., giving to someone, doing some small kind gesture, passing along a smile), we are opening a door for God to bless us 10x how we blessed others.

Think about that this week. One small thing can lead to greater things. To you, and also to others.



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