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Short Post…

Good day, friendly and unfriendly readers!

What a world. What a world! I am exhausted from jumping back and forth from normal work, to fun work, to exhausting work, to necessary work, and then back to normal work again. Not only AT my job, but outside my job as well. It’s been crazy…

So! What are we going to talk about? I must tell you that I rarely begin a post with an idea of what I want to post in mind. Sometimes I get an idea, like before I go to bed, and then it’s gone when I wake up. Other times I have something nagging at my heart and I want to get it written down, so I post. But a majority of the time I sit at my computer and cannot write in a book, so I decide, “I feel like blogging,” and thus I plop down in front of my computer and begin to write. While I write I tend to hunch my shoulders a little bit, so I pause after paragraphs to relax, and then start typing again.

Yep. That’s how I roll.

Lately… my closest and dearest friends are each suffering in some way. For some of them it looks as if there can be, and will be, no relief from their suffering. I pray for them, and I hope with all my heart that they can find relief and happiness, but it still hurts to watch them go through the hurt they feel.

I am reminded of all the pain Jesus went through, (since it was Easter recently it should be no surprise that this is on my mind). He suffered in every way you could imagine just so he could relate to us when we are hurting. He was betrayed by friends. He was hated by hundreds of people. He suffered one of the worst, and most shameful, deaths; after being flogged, beaten, and shamed, then rejected by everyone who had followed him and even his friend denied ever knowing him.


I know there is hope for those who feel pain, but I still wish I could do something about it. When I see them I don’t want to say a thing about what they’re going through. I want to make them smile and laugh and take their mind off their suffering. If they bring up the issue I’ll listen and be attentive and full of compassion for their pain, but I try not to start the topic. I can’t stand it when people start up a conversation like:

-Thing 1: Hey!
-Thing 2: Hi there! How’s it going?
-Think 1: Same as always. So how’s that terrible illness that’s slowly killing you? And what about your hospitalized grandparents that aren’t expected to live much longer?
-Thing 2: … oh, they’re just fine.

Dude, just writing that conversation made me want to slap someone. I almost deleted it… but there in lies my point. I don’t like being the one who jumps out and says, “Hey! Do you still remember you’re in pain!?”

Yes, we suffer with those who suffer, and mourn with those who mourn, but we don’t need to tell them again and again about what they are going through.

I know what my friend are going through.

They know that I know.

There is a mutual understanding and they are each, (I hope), aware that I am praying for them and that they are in my thoughts. All of them. Those that are reading this, and those that don’t like to read…

I will post again soon. Exhaustion just struck me, but I wanted this posted today. I don’t know why… maybe someone needs to read these words? I can’t be sure.

I’m going to go lie down and focus on praying for my friends…

If you are one of them reading this; feel better soon!


PS. Jesus luuuuuvs you!


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  1. Great post! Jesus went through the pain for us, we are grateful for this eternal gift


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