Alone and Awesome

Being single, silly, and secure


Hello, You. Whoever you are. The one reading this.



I have been single all my life, (besides a childish fling that really wasn’t anything special or worth remembering). Lots of people think a woman is nothing without a man. Or that all girls need a man to rely on and find safety with. While this is true for a lot of women, it is not true for me.

You single women, like me, probably hear this a lot; “You’re better off without some guy.” right?

Better off. That’s laughable! Better off because I get to sit here watching you and your boyfriend laugh it up and feel special with each other while I sit here eating and wondering if the pizza is stale or if my taste buds died. Yeah, I am SO better off.

This is how we tend to think. It has taken me a full year to get to the point where I don’t daydream of romance in my free time. Only while I’m driving. Finding out who you are is the real trick. Turning yourself into someone you’d be proud of. Someone you would want to be friends with. Someone you want your dream man to want. Lots of women find a guy, decide they like him, and then learn what kind of women he likes and tries to turn into that.

This approach, my dear friends, is WRONG.

Me: Why not love you?

You: Wait, what? It is me! I’m just making myself look attractive to them and then when he starts to like me he can get to know me and like me better!

Me: Wait… what!?

Who you are is not based on appearances in the first place. I mean, I like to look good as much as the next woman. But if we let men into our life just because our sexy eye flutter caught their attention then why would we want to keep him? Clearly he has no real morals. I mean, sure, maybe you’ll be lucky and that man wants to marry you. Cool. Good luck. But in most cases you just look like a desperate flirt who is offering a good time.

I have had people ask me out before. Not people I was interested in or would ever consider dating/marriage material. I kicked ’em to the curb, (rather brutally I might add. I’m no gentle soul when it comes to turning someone down. I hate giving them false hope. That’s just me though).

Now don’t think I’m some reproachful chick typing out nonsense to tick you off. It is the opposite. I grew up in a large family and I have four other sisters. The two that are older than me are both married, one even has a little boy. I’m happy for them, and sometimes a little jealous. My first youngest below me has a boyfriend, and the very youngest is too young for boys, (or so help me I’ll pulverize any boy that touches her). So here I am, the middle sister, with no love interest in my life. Not even a man to have a crush on! So, what do you do when you’re sick of waiting, looking, searching, hoping, and being crushed?

You stop.

You just straight up bite the bullet and stop.

You: That isn’t even easy! You don’t understand at all. Stop talking like just anyone can do that!

Me: Oh, okay. Lets get back to being depressed, lonely, and wishing we had a snuggle buddy while we scoop ice cream into our mouths and think about dieting. Sounds good.

Not really.

I am a female also. I want to know what it is like to be loved. But after being crushed so often by liking men that are taken, (the only man for me is one that’s taken apparently), I got sick of feeling hurt. I didn’t like it. I looked in the mirror and told myself I am a perfectly lovable person. And I am! Heck, one of the points I want to make to you is that friends with other women and guys that are fun, but not someone you’re attracted to, can deal with a lot of that loneliness.

This world stresses the romance way too much. We don’t need it. If you stick with my posts you can see how I deal with this stuff. Sure, some of it will be random and chaotic, while others might just be fun. I don’t know, I’m not making any plans. I wanted to make this blog for a long time though, because I am Alone and Awesome. You are also, (unless you’re one of those married/dating peeps reading this to see what it’s all about).

This world is huge. You don’t want to tie yourself down to a little corner just to be content, right…?

We should talk more. Thanks for reading. I need to do dishes.

Tty the next time!




  1. Having chased (and actually caught) a man or two, I can speak from both sides of the issue. The twenty years invested in matrimony gave me some outstanding children and scars that a one piece swimsuit doesn’t cover. It was part of the process and, Baby I learned – mostly the hard way. God’s plan is always the best one. When I released the need to tell Him who or what I needed, the pressure was off.
    Here’s the real truth. When we chase the man who truly loves us, we’ll never be disappointed. If we are running after Jesus, the issue of who runs beside us loses a lot of the power to cause us pain. With my eyes on the prize, I find I don’t have time for the mating game. (Hebrews 12:1-3)
    Stay AWESOME until God tells you otherwise.


    • Thank you for responding.
      This post was rushed so I did not get a chance to go into the depth of how Jesus is the reason I am so secure in who I am and how single I am. It is a lot to talk about. I could go on about it for forever. Fear not! My second post covers it most fully.
      I hope.


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